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Every Day’s a Saturday

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Had lunch with my friend Brodie today… We went to De Fontein at Mission Bay. Had a good talk about what’s going on with me. It was nice to see her. I think when I leave NZ I’ll go to Sydney for a couple of days and catch up with Matt, Brodie(the Matt in that pic ain’t the Matt I reference before) and J. Will be nice to see all of them before I leave this part of the world.

Good progress on the job front last week. Promising feedback from a couple of people. Fingers crossed.

And, tonight was “Christmas in the Park” here in Auckland. I didn’t go, but I still got to see the fireworks. From my place I could see them - they were quite impressive. Couldn’t see all of the fireworks tho, only the ones that mattered :-) (the big, impressive fireworks).