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Hey. Been Out at Pub Quiz This Evening. Tomas An…

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Hey. Been out at pub quiz this evening. Tomas and me. We got last. We suck so much. Lost by 5 points. Couldn’t answer any of the first 7 questions - bloody current affairs, and local sports. Why do I pay so little attention to local sports. It’s really because I just don’t care about how local team x is going against foreign team y. Proletariats and their distractions I guess. And then we stayed for the open mic night. First lady was depressing, 2nd dude was alright. 3rd dude was this freaky modern beatnik poet - so random. 4th was this dude who was quite good. last we saw was this lady who’s stage demeanor was equivalent to that of Jewel. She was a really good singer too. I[’d buy her CD if she released one.

Tomas and Jon went off to the Drake. I went home. I’ve got a conference call with VFUK in the morning (urrrg, 7-am) about a job. Fingers crossed.

I’m a bit boozed.