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Xmas Day

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I arrived at my parents place at around 8am. My sister was the only one up. I quickly downed some panadol, and went and had a shower. I could feel the headache coming on.

Basically, we after this, we had breakfast, opened some Xmas presents, went to my Grandpa’s place to pick him up to bring him back out to the farm. After we got back out here, I went for a bit of a nap. Zzzzzz. Slept till lunchtime. Ate waaaaaaayyyyy too much food. After this, we drank Cognac and Brandy, and then I went for another nap. Got up again at 7pm, watched some figure skating on TV, and now back to bed.

The most fun thing of the day was seeing Richard’s dog Luke open his Xmas present. He was given it (wrapped up), took it outside, and unwrapped it. It was a rubber, squeaky hamburger (dog toy). He then proceeded to destroy it over the next hour or so. I’ve put some pics of the unwrapping by him on flickr.

A very lazy day indeed. Successful, but lazy.

Tomorrow I’m intending to go to the airport with my sister and her boyfriend to see his father. His father is a fireman out there, and we should be able to go for a ride in the brand new $1.5 million dollar fire engine. I enjoy that sort of technology and engineering - should be fun. I’ll take pics and post them.

Oh, I added a new site to my design/lifestyle set on del.icio.us. It’s TROIKA - a german design house. I quite like their products, and got a keyring of theirs for Xmas. Snazzy.