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Drinking and Hospital

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Last night I picked Sarah up from her Mums place, and we went round to Jenna’s place. We started on some wine, and ended up playing some drinking games. We decided to jump the fence at the botannical gardens in christchurch, and go drinking in there. We did that, I snapped some good nighttime pics - available as always on my flickr site. I had a good time. Sarah then decided that she wanted to leave, and I walked her back to Jennas to get her stuff and a taxi for her. Long story short, she spiked her leg on the fence and we ended up in A&E at Christchurch Hospital. We stayed there for about 90 minutes, then Sarah went up and asked how long the wait was going to be. There was a sign we had missed, and it said there was a 6 hour average wait. Seriously, there were like 10 people waiting - and 6 hours! I found that absolutely shocking. Anyway, we packed that in, and went to the 24 hour clinic - Sarah had to pay, but didn’t wait 6 hours. She got 5 stitches.

Crazy night.

Got some good photos tho, particularly the one of June and Leif in the dark - June with her phone, and Leif with a cigarette.