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Select With Value - Rubyonrails

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Grrr, just spent a little while playing with the “select” form tag in rails. Pain in the ass. The issue I was having is that I want to give users an option of 2 values with a default selected value on the “new” form. I also have a edit form that I want to let users update their objects with, and again, only 2 values. These values are static, and I didn’t want to have the pain of creating a db table, and an object to represent it. That would result in unnecessary code, and unnecessary database hits.

The issue with the “select” tag is that I cannot determine how to set the selected value, without using a collection of objects. I had a look for a solution for this problem, and found this site. This gave me a helper that lets me put in an object, with some methods to get the value and text options for my option set. that was alright. But, I didn’t want the full object model to be supported. I was after a very simple implementation with using a hash, and a string as the selected value.

I hacked around with the code, and this is what I came up with. Please feel free to pillage this.

def hash_select_with_current(object, method, hash, current_value) result = “” return result end “`

Hope that’s useful for someone.