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Coffee & Cigarettes - Jim Jarmusch

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I just watched this movie. Enjoyable. Again, I didn’t know what I was getting myself in for. I knew it was going to be black and white, but that’s about it. I found the first couple of scenes to be a bit odd. I quite liked the scene with Jack and Meg White and the Tesla Coil, but my favourite had to be RZA, GZA (of Wu Tang fame) and Bill Murray. I thought that was hilarious. I also quite enjoyed the tie ins from scenes to other scenes. My favourite quotes – please forgive me if I don’t get them 100% – it is from memory:
  • Why don’t you quit? I ain’t no f’n quitter.
  • It’s like when you can’t afford something its really expensive, and when you can afford something it’s free.
  • It’s a great place to visit, and an even nicer place to leave.
  There were also some beautiful shots. I really enjoyed quite a few of the shots of the actors by themselves.   Jenna also added “4 Rooms” to the list.   10 down, 57 left.