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Lord of the Flies - Peter Brook (1963)

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Just saw this movie, I’m really making an effort to power thru Jennas list. Going quite well so far I think.   Anyway, this movie had the 2nd most boring intro ever, the first being the 4mins+ of black screen that comes with 2001: A Space Odyssey. The movie itself was alright I guess, for 1963. The cinematography was OK, Peter Brook managed to portray the savagery of the boys quite well, especially in the nighttime scenes. The fast camera work, shots of fire sparks, all the noise and blurry shots added to the atmosphere.   One thing I loved was how english they were at the start of the movie. The language is what I find particularly interesting. It’s the same as the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis – all very old sounding. I grew up reading that sort of stuff, and I just like the idea of that sort of “proper” behaviour.   I haven’t actually read William Goldings book that the movie was based on, I somehow managed to skip that at school. Maybe that’ll have to be my February book   Only 53 movies left to see. I should be able to close out another three by this Saturday.