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A Review of “Morningwood”

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by Morningwood
hehehe. I really enjoy rock bands fronted by women (eg, elastica, garbage, veruca salt), but have only really listened to british chick rock, not really american. I understand Morningwood come from New York, they are a 4 piece rock band with a female singer. My favourite 2 tracks off this album are “Nth Degree” – which is the single I heard on Juice here (one of our MTV-type channels) and “Jetsetter”. The music has a very new wave and punk type feel about it – which kind of explains why I like it so much. Also, Nth Degree (for me at least) has a similar feel to some of the Saint Etienne tracks off Good Humor. Anyway, I’m super impressed by these guys. I hope they get the airplay they deserve.