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A Little Disappointed…

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by Concord Dawn
I used to be a massive fan of Concord Dawn. The hard, industrial feeling dnb that they used to churn out. This album is not to my tastes. It’s alright, but it’s not great. My favourite track is Say Your Words (and only the 2nd half of it – that’s the hard type of dnb I like). I give the rest of the album a “so so” rating. Apart from Say Your Words, the other tracks I thought were OK were Breathe, Broken Eyes, Blow, Never Give Up On Love and Don’t Have To Run. So, I’d say if you’re a fan of the older Concord Dawn, I wouldn’t recommend this album to you. If you like Shapeshifter, or that general friendlier dnb – smoother, more rolling – then I’d say give it a listen.