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I’m Hoping This…

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…is going to be quite easy to achieve. As part of my relocation, I get shipping allowance. The allowance is for a 40’ (yes, 40 foot) container to be shipped from NZ to England (which is just about as far as you can actually ship anything) and 30 days storage. Now, I want to ship 6 pieces of furniture, 2 boxes of books, and 3 boxes of other stuff to Christchurch (about 800 km as the crow flies). I feel like I’m wasting an opportunity to ship a massive container, but I’ve got nothing that I can’t fit in a suitcase that I want to take… Maybe I should hire out the space, and ship cars for people.

So, this should be easy because someone else is organising it all! I just have to fill out a form, they come around and pack up all my stuff, and put it on a truck, and then I see it in Christchurch next. How exciting!

Hey, I just realised I mixed metric and imperial measurements there… Why haven’t the shipping industry caught up to the rest of the (civilised) world? And why does my mac persist in telling me that it wants things spelt the American way, even tho the language is set to Australian English (there is no NZ).