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Stickers, Medals or Cards?

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AMC convinced me to do this on my last night in Auckland. We went uptown from my hotel and found a games arcade that had photo booths – the ones where you can overlay graphics and text on your photos. The instructions on the machine were poor, and we ended up getting something we didn’t intend to – we got photos on card.

We really wanted sticker photos, so we went to another video games arcade that had like 25 of these big photo machines – it was crazy. We couldn’t figure out which ones of the big machines would make stickers, but we found 3 smaller machines by the entrance, and took 2 sets of sticker photos.

The medals reference was for another machine we saw – it would etch your photo onto a piece of metal – I assume to be used as a keyring or something…

They are super-cheesy photos. Great.