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I Spent What?!

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When I came to the UK, I lived by myself for about 5 weeks. In between the going out to experience english culture (read: going to the pub) and working (read: not doing much), I decided that I would implement an application from my to-do list of applications that I want to create. I put the application that I was writing on hold (and I’ll probably start it up again soonish I think) and I set about writing I Spent What?!


It’s a financial planning/budgeting/savings tracker intended for personal use and by small and medium enterprises.

Come on, such a great sounding application must be expensive. What’s that going to set me back?

At the moment it’s completely free, and will probably remain that way unless it starts costing me some serious money to keep running. If you do want to support me, occasionally click on an ad on the site - only stuff you’re interested in though, and not too much! Google will become suspicious and not pay me anything!

So, what it’s all about is setting a budget for yourself, and then tracking your expenses and income, and seeing how you match up. It has some nice looking graphs too

It can handle periods correctly (have a yearly salary, have insurance monthly, have groceries fortnightly, and entertainment weekly), it can track your net and cumulative financial position from week to week over a configurable period, and it can show you how your actual expenses are tracking against your planned expenses.

Boy, that sounds great! How can I help you out?

I’m looking for testers for this application at the moment. If you’re keen to help me out, please let me know. Catch me at beta@ispentwhat.com :-)

If you’ve also got any ideas for features that you would like to see in such an application, please email the above address, or comment on my blog as well.

When it comes to proper launch time, I’ll be posting again. If you want to see more about my financial planning and control applications check out http://glimmerdesign.com.

Check it out! http://ispentwhat.com