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Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress!

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Well, I’ve just spent the last wee while migrating my account from http://rickerbh.blogspot.com to http://blog.hamishrickerby.com So, you’ll now be reading this on my fancy new self-hosted WordPress instance.

The migration process was relatively simple. TextDrive made it a piece of cake for the installation process, I only had a small issue with the migration of my data across. It was only yesterday that I upgraded my blogger account from the old version, to their new (no longer beta) version, and changed all my templates as well. Because of this, I couldn’t use the automatic import facility on WordPress as it doesn’t yet support the new blogger. I checked out a couple of articles on the web on how to import between the two, but the BEST thing I found to do (and this is suitable for me because I don’t really mind that I lost comments on my blog) was export all the articles as 1 large RSS feed, and them import them back into wordpress. Blogger confused me a little because the default RSS feed didn’t support all of my comments, but I found that using the following URL, I could get all the data out that I needed


That downloads your last 999 posts, starting at the first. If you have more than that, then you write too much, and you can just play with the start-index value to get the rest.

So, as part of this change I have resolved to write more - and write more things about me, rather than just reviews on albums and movies. And to facilitate this, I’ve decided to give the ecto blogging client. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve got 20 days to try it out, so expect a few more updates from me over the next 3 weeks.

So, I’m also going to alter the graphics on this site, but that can be done a bit later. The default ones are quite nice, but I have something in mind that I’d like to see implemented.

Oh, and if you had subscribed to my last blog, you’ll need to resubscribe. This one has a nice new feed for you.