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iTV Becomes Apple TV - Engadget

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This is a device I was excited about, but now, meh. iTV becomes Apple TV

No 1080 High Def???

Only 40Gb HD???

I like that you can connect computers to it to pull the media, but why a restriction of 5? Seems arbitrary to me (similar to the restriction within the Airport Express). A big question I have is does it stream media out, or does it support file based access over the wireless? I’d rather it just acted as a big hard drive for your computers, and streamed out (played) to the TV. But 40Gb? I can’t get over that. That’s nothing.

— EDIT —

Reading the keynote, it appears that the 5 computers are used as a source for Apple TV. And it appears you can sync data to it like an iPod (supporting smart playlists and everything). $299 USD, shipping in Feb.