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Taking the Vietnam Out of Iraq

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Taking the Vietnam out of Iraq

Jenna sent me a link to this story on the BBC web site - it’s interesting. The parallels between the conflict in Vietnam and Iraq are clear to me. However, an exit strategy for this current conflict needs to be carefully executed. A cut-and-run is not an option. The country will be left open, and crippled. I personally would like the US out of there as soon as possible, not because I have any specific alliance to Iraq, but I just don’t think they should be creating and sustaining an unjust and illegal war. I am an advocate of a medium paced exit, with creation of stability within the country, and leaving it in a state so that it has a good chance of sorting itself out with a positive result. I don’t fancy the chances of a positive result if they just up and leave.

One thing that is very interesting from this story is this quote:

Second, there is a policy of trying to hand over responsibility to the local government in the midst of battle, not after it - this happened in Vietnam with the policy of Vietnamisation

I agree there is that parallel, but I don’t think that can be helped with the current conflict. With such a small, radical, underground enemy as the US have in Iraq, it’s going to be next to impossible to end the conflict, and then hand responsibility back.

I don’t believe another push by the US to destroy the insurgents is the way forward. That will breed more hate and contempt for the US in the country.

Any comments?