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Technology Consultant & iOS Developer based in Sydney, Australia

Political Allegiance

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I’ve been struggling for a long time to find a party, or ideology that I agree with politically. I have strong beliefs but I have struggled to find a ideology that they fit within. Today, I discovered it.

I reckon I’m a Libertarian.

The central tenet of libertarianism is the principle of self-ownership. To libertarians, an individual human being is sovereign over their body, extending to their life, liberty and property. As such, libertarians define liberty as being completely free in action, whilst not initiating force or fraud against the life, liberty or property of another human being. This is otherwise known as the non-aggression principle.

That’s exactly what I believe. I like free markets, and non-aggression, and consideration for others liberty (as defined above), and a belief that an individual is responsible for their own actions, and can make their own decisions. I like the concept of “user pays”, and I disagree with taxation to fund long term unemployment.

Yep, I’m a Libertarian.