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I’ve been struggling to find podcasts that I really dig. Redmonk radio lost me as a listener. I thought their early episodes (up to around 40 or so) were great. A good mix of strategy, business, and IT - in a general sense. I’m quite an enterprise focussed generalist, so that really appealed to me. However, recently they have released the RIA and IT Management podcasts, and they are not for me at all - so I unsubscribed.

I went looking last night for some new podcasts in iTunes that might appeal to me. I found a couple, but am still left unimpressed.

What I found was…

  • Deloitte UK Insights - Interesting analysis from Deloitte UK - based around their recent releases of sector based 2008 predictions. I liked this, but I’d like it to be more frequent than yearly :-)
  • boagworld.com - not listened yet
  • Enterprise Architecture with Jan Popkin and Enterprise Architecture: Lessons Learned - thinly veiled sales podcasts from Telelogic - authors of the Popkin System Architect tool (which I personally like as a tool, but not as much as Metis Architect)
  • Manager Tools - not listened yet
  • Pragmatic Programmers - not listened yet
  • TelcoTalk - product reviews, US based, but features some international news. I think this has promise, but needs to leave just reporting about device press releases and features, and start to comment more on how the devices are unique in the market, their competitors, business value they create etc…
  • The Web 2.0 Show - not listened yet

What I’m actually looking for is IT / Telecommunications / Enterprise / business / strategy / analysis style talking. I’m not after development podcasts (although the Ruby On Rails podcast is good, and I’m expecting PragProg, boagworld and web2.0 show to be similar), but I do enjoy the style of them - talking about new ways of working, the business value of agile methods, interviews with startups and businesses on introduction of new technology into the enterprise etc.

Does anyone know of anything that will fit the bill?