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Amazons MP3 Offer

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I got an email yesterday from Amazon.com about the Verve’s new album Forth.  They were offering me a free, DRM free download of their latest song “Love is Noise”.  Having not heard anything out of the Verve for a while I was interested, and free is a pretty good price so I went to download.

The first thing I was unimpressed with was the Amazon.com downloader they tried to install on my machine.  I understand that some people may not understand how to add MP3s to iTunes, but the “skip this step” link to me was not in an intuitive place.  So, I accidentally downloaded it, went back to the page, then found the skip link.

But the real kicker with this is the below screenshot.

Dumb error message


Why would they send me an offer I can’t redeem, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY KNOW THAT I DON’T LIVE IN THE US.  They have my address, I have purchased from them before.  Unimpressed.