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iPhone Camera Overlays + Iphonearkit

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Today I have been hacking away on the iphonearkit source available at github and have incorporated the ARGeoViewController as an overlay over a ImagePickerController with the camera as the source (which was introduced with iPhone OS 3.1).  Results below.

ARGeoViewController as the overlay on a ImagePickerController on iPhone

I want to tidy up some of the code before I check it back into my clone of the source, but this is a really good basis for some smart location and direction aware augmented reality apps on iPhone.  Wonder what the iphonearkit license is - it’s unclear…

— EDIT —

Bugger.  It appears that zac has implemented similar functionality to me already :-(  Bloody github and it’s slow (never!) updates to fork queues and network graphs.  Oh well, maybe I won’t bother tidying my code.